A Research Note: The Epidemic of 1724

AUTHOR: KATHERINE HERMES On November 5, 1724, an epidemic broke out in Hartford, Connecticut, lasting until February 1, 1725. The sickness killed rich and poor alike. Among the 54 persons who died, it took 27 white men and 19 white women. It took 8 non-whites: two Native men named Peter, three unnamed Indians of unknown sex, and three men of…

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The Inquiring Mind of Paul Kramer

A Tribute to Paul Kramer, by Betty Coykendall, delivered at the Stanley-Whitman House Spring Symposium on June 1, 2019 We meet today to do two things –    to try to enlighten all of you a bit about some regional history, and    to pay tribute to Paul Kramer, who in the last decade of his life, added             immeasurably to our knowledge…

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